Everyday magic at Ekberg -
Our shared values, mission and vision guide our work

Our values have shaped how we have operated, grown and prospered. Our core values include quality, customer focus, authenticity, sustainability as well as respect and trust.


Everything we do, from products to customer service, we do with premium quality. We prepare our work with care, develop recipes and cherish the handicraft of our business. Our team members are warm hearted as well as caring and in our products we use genuine produce from manufacturers that value the same principles as we do.

Customer focus

We consider our customers in all our operations and they are the base for all decision making. Our customers are the sole reason for our existence: they are our kings and queens, our ladies and gentlemen.


Being real and authentic means we only use the best ingredients for all of our products and treating all our customers equally. We are the way we are without putting a fake mask on.


In all our business operations we apply long-term thinking. We make long-term business deals and want to work with people with the same objective. We care about the environment and society as well as Ekberg’s impact on it. We want to ensure that our brand continuous to be meaningful for generations to come.

Respect & trust

All of our stakeholders are treated with respect and we expect this respect in return. We strive for the trust of our customers, employees and other stakeholders. Trust and respect must be earned again day in and out.

Our mission...

...is to provide customers with the most memorable delicacy experiences.

Our vision...

...is to be the most trustworthy and customer-minded food caterer in our region.