Fresh bread, delicious pastries and healthy food

Fresh bread and buns are baked six days a week in our bakery on the welcoming street of Bulevardi, in the heart of Helsinki. Our pâtisserie makes delicious cakes and pastries while our kitchen serves enjoyable food.

All our products, from biscuits to wedding cakes and from rye bread to lunch and à la carte dishes, are handmade from start to finish in our premises on the Boulevard. We make our products from authentic ingredients without using any azo dyes. Our bakery’s long-standing traditions, combined with our employees’ exquisite workmanship and genuine passion for their work guarantee the high quality of our products.

You can find our products in our café, our bakery shop or from selected resellers. We are also happy to receive orders and we offer catering for events of all sizes.

Traditionally prepared fresh bread

Our bakery shop offers fresh bread made in the morning, from Monday to Saturday. Our bakers begin their work already in the early hours of the day. This way our customers can enjoy warm bread fresh from the oven, first thing in the morning. We have a variety of light and dark breads in our selection, which represent the best bread traditions of several different regions. We make all our sourdough ourselves. The rye bread sourdough that we use is over a hundred years old, originating from the early days of our bakery – exemplifying our long-standing traditions.

Festive cakes and delightful pastries

The cake is the crown jewel of a party, which is admired already before it is eaten. We prepare cakes both for being enjoyed in our café and for sale in our bakery shop. Additionally, we bake custom-made cakes for weddings, birthdays and other festive occasions. All our cakes share an authentic, delicious taste and a festive appearance.

At Ekberg, pastries are works of art, handwork and pure enjoyment. All our treats are handmade, from petit fours that melt in your mouth to our succulent Champagne corks. We make all our products with professional craftsmanship, passion and love. Our caramel gets its luscious flavour from boiling for five hours, and the secret to our vanilla cream is real Bourbon or Tahiti vanilla pods. Our selection includes both pastries made using traditional recipes and new flavours from around the world. You can buy our baked goods to go from our bakery shop, or sit in for an atmospheric moment at the Ekberg Café!

Lunch every weekday and tasty à la carte dishes

We also serve tasty lunch portions. In our kitchen we prepare fresh salads, sandwiches and delicious soups as well as other lunch dishes. You can enjoy your lunch in our cosy café or buy it to go from our shop. We use carefully selected ingredients in making our lunch and prepare the portions from start to finish ourselves. Lunch is served after breakfast on all weekdays. On our à la carte menu you can find such classic dishes as salmon soup or croque monsieur, as well as dishes with a twist, like our reindeer filled ravioli.

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