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Traditional Christmas lunch at Ekberg

20. - 21.12.2018

 From 11:00 to 15:00 


Smoked salmon Plum sauce 
Selection of spiced and pickled herring
Potato, rutabaga and carrot casserole
Salad with mustard dressing Christmas porridge (L, G)
Rosolli and beetroot cream (L) Lingonberry cheesecake (L)
Mushroom salad Gingerbread (L)
Boiled potatoes Coffee and tea

 19,90€ adults/9,95 € children 4-11 years old 
L=lactose free G=Gluten free

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Ekberg – traditions already since 1852

Our skilful bakers, pastry chefs and cooks have treated our customers to domestic and international delicacies for over a century and a half already. Genuine and warm-hearted customer service, high-quality ingredients and professional pride have always been our core values. Our ambition is to provide you with memorable delicacy experiences.

Today, Ekberg operates a café, bakery, pâtisserie, shop, the Ekberg Extra event location and a catering service. Our selection includes both traditional products originating from the early days of our operation and new, seasonally changing delicacies. We wish you a warm welcome on behalf of the Ekberg family and team.

Ekberg Café

Opening hours during Christmas holidays: - 17.00
23.129.00 - 17.00
27.127.30 - 19.00

Merry Christmas!


Ekberg Bakery and Pâtisserie

Opening hours during Christmas holidays:

22.129.00 - 17.00
23.129.00 - 17.00
24.127.30 - 12.00
27.127.30 - 18.00

Merry Christmas!


Ekberg Catering

The catering service eases the burden of event organizers. The Ekberg Catering service takes care of the arrangements for various private and corporate events such as family gatherings, dinners, general meetings and press conferences, with staunch professionalism and experience. Our service is always tailored to the customer’s needs and wishes.

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