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Ekberg – Finland’s oldest bakery and pâtisserie in Helsinki

Ekberg is Finland’s oldest pâtisserie and bakery. Helsinki and its residents have treated themselves to our buns, pastries and bread already since the year 1852. So it is no wonder that to this day, our Finnish bakery and pâtisserie products continue to be an essential part of the day for many residents. The delicacies made in the hands of our skilful bakers and patissiers can be found in our bakery shop or café on the Boulevard.

The bakery awakes early in the morning

The scent of fresh bread has wafted from Ekberg for already over 160 years. Our bakers begin their work in the small hours of the morning, so that fresh bread and buns can be served right as we open. To this day, our bakery shop offers a shelf full of freshly baked bread from Monday to Saturday. Our selection includes more than a dozen types of light and dark breads, which represent the best Finnish and international bread traditions from different regions.

Mo - Fr7.30 - 18.00
Sa9.00 - 16.00

A pâtisserie in Helsinki where art is made

At Ekberg, each pastry is a handmade work of art and a treat for your taste buds. Our bakery shop’s selection includes age-old products, baked using recipes originating from the early days of our pâtisserie, such as the Napoleon cake or the succulent Champagne cork, as well as newer, seasonally varying delicacies. We also prepare various petit fours, buns, pies and cakes. Or are you looking for a wedding cake in Helsinki? We offer a wide selection of different cakes types, shapes and flavours. Book a meeting with us so we can understand your needs and wishes and present you our tailored solutions.

Delicious food from our kitchen

In addition to our bakery and pâtisserie products, we make delicious food in our kitchen. Our bakery shop Helsinki Boulevard has take away options of fresh salads, lunch portions and sandwiches to offer. We prepare the food from start to finish ourselves, always using fresh ingredients. We also make meals for meetings and parties on order and deliver them to the desired address.

Delicacies from our bakery shop or delivered to you

Our bakery shop Helsinki Boulevard offers fresh bakery products from Monday to Saturday. Whether you fancy bread fresh out of the oven for breakfast, something sweet for afternoon tea or healthy lunch food, you are welcome to come pay a visit! Our friendly staff is glad to assist you in choosing the appropriate delicacies. And by all means, pop by just to smell the scent of freshly baked bread!

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We also accept orders. We design and prepare catering for business meetings, or cakes and party food, for example, and deliver everything to the desired address. Make an order or ask more about our products by telephone: +358 9 6811 860 or email:

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